Franklin Gun Training Academy, FGTA, has taken great pride in having some of the best instructors in the Middle Tennessee area. Our instructors have years of combined experience and diverse backgrounds in all aspects of the firearm industry including sales, repair, shooting competitively, law enforcement and military training. This diversity allows us to give you access to a well-rounded instructional experience. We know firearms and we know training! FGTA doesn’t supply opinions with the course information, but knowledge that works. This knowledge includes everything from engagement, deterrent, pre-planning and post shooting action.

FGTA realizes that firearm training is a personal experience and individuals seek this training for various reasons, which is why FGTA is adamant about maintaining the integrity of our program by keeping the class sizes small. We feel that with a one-on-one approach the student will obtain and retain the necessary knowledge needed to use their firearm with confidence doing so safely, securely, and responsibly. FGTA provides you with the tools to succeed in the real world and the personalized instruction to sharpen your abilities. FGTA supports you in elevating your level of training with our quality instruction and specialized one-on-one approach.