Tennessee Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Permit Class

This basic safety course is required by the state of Tennessee to apply for and obtain your Handgun Carry Permit. Our class exceeds the state’s requirements for a firearms training school. In addition to the state-mandated material we will help you build a foundation of shooting fundamentals for new and practiced shooters alike; which includes, but is not limited to, basic firearm safety, general firearm nomenclature, selection of a firearm to meet your needs, different ammunition, and holster/carry options. The basics of firearms marksmanship, such as sight alignment, trigger control, weapon presentation, and weapon manipulation are also covered in this course. Passing grades in a written examination and shooting qualification are required to receive a certificate.

The statistics have shown that more information is retained in a smaller group verses larger or standard class sizes. Our class sizes are kept to a minimum exactly for this reason. FGTA believes that adhering to this statistic is important and employs a one-on-one approach. We find that students leave the permit class more confident and knowledgeable by receiving the class information and training in this format.

$110.00 per student (current  special for $99.00)- in order to maintain class sizes pre-booking is required.
The Shooters Package, as well as the Gun Cleaning Workshop are offered at a discounted rate when purchased as a package or added at the time of the permit class. See details below.

Shooters Package

Shopping for your first firearm can be very daunting and everyone, even within the industry, has differing opinions on what makes a great firearm. The question to really be asking is what is going to work for you? Everyone’s needs are different and your personal carry or home defense firearm is no different.

The Shooters Package allows you to shoot a wide variety of firearms which will help you be a more informed shopper. Our instructors will take the time to walk you through the different aspects of each gun, so that you can be a confident buyer. FGTA offer the Shooters Package as an excellent addition to your Carry Permit class or as personal instruction option.

Gun Cleaning Workshop

It is important as a responsible gun owner that you clean your firearm regularly. Cleaning your gun regularly is as essential as routine oil changes for your vehicle. Handguns need to be cleaned routinely to ensure accuracy, function correctly, and to maintain a long lasting finish that can span several lifetimes.

The gun cleaning workshop will guide you through the inner workings of your firearm, as well as, help you identify the signs of wear and tear. In disassembling and reassembling your fire arm repeatedly yourself, you will develop confidence in your gun handling skills. This confidence will carry over to firing your gun on the range and in real life situations.

Please remember… maintenance and routine care are necessary to keep a handgun in good reliable and safe working condition!


See Course/Workshop page for Shooters Package and Gun Cleaning Workshop as separate services