Gun Cleaning Workshop

It is important as a responsible gun owner that you clean your firearm regularly. Cleaning your gun regularly is as essential as routine oil changes for your vehicle. Handguns need to be cleaned routinely to ensure accuracy, function correctly, and to maintain a long lasting finish that can span several lifetimes.

The gun cleaning workshop will guide you through the inner workings of your firearm, as well as, help you identify the signs of wear and tear. In disassembling and reassembling your fire arm repeatedly yourself, you will develop confidence in your gun handling skills. This confidence will carry over to firing your gun on the range and in real life situations.

Please remember… The maintenance and routine care are neccessary to keep a handgun in good reliable and safe working condition!


Shooting Concepts/ Advanced Fundamentals

Obtaining your carry permit is an important first step in protecting yourself; however, by simply obtaining your permit doesn’t neccessarily make you an accurate shot. Shooting Concepts and Advanced Fundamentals allows you to get comfortable with shooting many rounds and is designed to equip you with the skills to protect yourself in a life threatening situation.

Most robberies occur up close and personal. Keep these statistics in mind:

  • The average distance of a firefight is 21 feet (7 yards)
  • It takes the average person 3 seconds to close that distance
  • It takes an individual four tenths of a second to acknowledge and react to a threat
  • The average number of fired rounds is 2 to 5
  • The average firefight lasts 3 to 6 seconds

Remember there is a difference between target shooting and shooting to live!

$100.00 dollars per session (4 hours per session and a valid carry permit is a pre-requisite for this class)

Defensive Shotgun

A part of truly protecting yourself is having the ability and knowledge to use a variety of armaments. Handguns are always useful; however, if you are looking for the best weapon to protect the lives of you and your loved ones inside a dwelling, nothing is more effective than a shotgun! A twelve or twenty gauge shotgun marks a larger area in closed quarters even when obstacles are present. Gain the skills to increase you chances of protecting yourself in a home invasion!

Topics covered in this course :

  • Target distinction and acknowledgement
  • Proper manipulation of the shotgun to include: loading, unloading, and malfunction drills
  • Shoot from cover
  • Shotguns for defense
  • Tactical Shooting
  • Distances associated with the shotgun
  • Select the proper shotgun for your intended use
  • Gauges and Chokes
  • Selection of ammunition
  • Transition from shotgun to pistol
  • Live firing exercises, and more…

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Carbine Fundamentals

If you have recently purchased an AR15 and are interested in learning the ins and outs of its functionality, this carbine fundamentals class is for you!

Since the 19th century, civilian sporting rifles have evolved from their military predecessors and the modern sporting rifle is no different. The AR15 is the most versatile all-weather firearm ever developed. The AR15 is known for its accuracy, reliability, ruggedness, and versatility, serving target shooters and hunters alike. One platform can shoot over a dozen different calibers from vermin rounds like the 5.7×28 to larger game rounds like the 6.5 Grendel. This course will allow you the opportunity to achieve knowledge of all aspects of this firearm from the history of the AR, to the breakdown and cleaning to the shooting basics by firing this rifle on the range.

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Is your skill set beyond the basics? Contact us for a custom-designed course to fit your needs.

Reloading Workshop

Are you interested in making your own bullets? Are you concerned about an ammo shortage? If so, check out our Reloading Workshop! This is a comprehensive introductory workshop that will take you through the process step by step. Not only is this workshop an opportunity to get information from a seasoned avid re-loader, you also get a hands on experience that will allow you to get a sense of what is required to properly and safely reload bullets.

Reloading… Just another way Franklin Gun Training Academy is Elevating Your Level of Training!

$60.00 2 hour session – supplies included

Women’s Assault Deterrent and Tactics

This short-term self-defense program is informative and fun for all women regardless of physical fitness level or size. Let us teach your residents practical self-defense techniques using everyday items carried in their purse or person. Pressure points, crime prevention strategies, negotiating skills, and assertiveness training are just few of the subjects covered in this workshop.  Live smart!

Our instructors have backgrounds in Law Enforcement, the self-defense industry, and martial arts.

In Home Defense

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Church and Synagogue Security

Franklin Gun Training Academy offers the following services for church security :

  • Consultation
  • Training
  • Security Services
  • Classes for church safety teams
  • Onsite and Range Training Available

Contact FGTA for more information 615-838-5134